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"Excellent Defense!"

Thank you ticket defense team for your great work and excellent resolution outcome. I am very happy with the services you provided.



"They helped a lot "

I had a weird case my car was stolen then they guy who stole it hit and run. I filed a police report but since the guy who stole my car had the same skin color they says it was me so they charged me with hit and run and no insurance. Well this law firm got it reduced to a 300$ fine. It’s not ideal since I didn’t steak my car and hit and run but the cops would not accept it wasn’t me because I was at work when this and had it verified. By my boss abd 4 guys at work but dirty cood don’t care it all about money anyway If the lawyers didn’t fight as well as they did my drivers license would have v been suspended so I paid the fines I will use them again they weren’t cheap but the best outcome Thanks guys