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A single ticket can cost you thousands of dollars over time, from increased
insurance premiums, court fines, surcharges, points, and court costs.
Fight your ticket at an amazing, affordable, starting low-cost of only $349!

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Get legal representation to fight your ticket at an affordable rate.

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Hire an experienced Lawyer who can assist you with your traffic matters.

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We guarantee an experienced Attorney will be matched to you, will appear at your hearing, and will fight your ticket.

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Fighting your ticket is affordable and can save you thousands. Starting at an affordable low-cost of only $349!

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About MyTicketDefense

We believe everyone should have the ability to access easy and affordable legal help to fight their traffic tickets from the comfort of their living room without having to go through the burden of spending time scheduling appointments and traveling to an attorney’s office. All individuals should be able to defend their driving records, protect their insurance premiums from rising up, and have the ability to have an affordable Lawyer fight their traffic tickets or negotiate for reduced fines and reduced points.

MyTicketDefense is an all-in-one traffic ticket platform, SaaS, mobile application, web-based technology platform, and network of local traffic ticket attorneys, where drivers can gain access to experienced lawyers at pre-negotiated industry low rates. The lawyers on our platform go through a multi-factor quality selection process and provide you aggressive and experienced representation for your traffic matters.

Benefits of MyTicketDefense

Save yourself hours of time!

Get an experienced Lawyer!

Save yourself money!

Completely affordable!

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    An All-In-One Traffic Ticket Platform

    Our platform lawyers meet a multi-factor quality selection process and you can obtain access to lawyers who have agreed upon affordable flat-rates with payment plans available with attorney-approval. The information contained on our website and communication with us is not legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship because this service and company is not in any manner a law firm. If you register with MyTicketDefense, your information and ticket information will be provided to lawyers for the purpose of evaluation to accept your case..

    By using MyTicketDefense, you hereby agree to have read and agreed to the privacy policy, terms and conditions, attorney's standard terms of representation set forth in the terms link located in the quick links section on the footer of this website.

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